We offer quality production
oriented to change

Humble beginnings


Eltechnik was established in 2015 in Falmirowice, where its current place of business is located. In the beginning, only a few people were working on small prototype harnesses. Now, the company employs over 150 people who make all kinds of cabling – from the smallest to the main car harnesses.

We know that quality,
reliability and punctuality are important in cooperation


Our extensive prototype department creates advanced products using a wide range of assortments. It specializes in low-volume series, developing the product together with the client. Eltechnik is a good partner wherever speed is important.


High production capacity, over 150 employees, quality, the precision of each component, and outstanding flexibility of the production line



Quality production,
line modifications



We manufacture both single cables as well as complete systems and charging stations, using modern solutions to facilitate the production processes and the use of the final products.

Cable harnesses



We create harnesses from the smallest elements (less than 20 wires) to the largest (more than 500 wires)





We develop innovative designs according to the Client’s guidelines that improve production processes.





We manufacture charging stations, including for electric vehicles – from single cabinets to fully equipped stations


Line adaptation



Our production line designs are created based on the knowledge of our employees and the client’s guidelines



speak for themselves.
They don’t lie.


meters of cables
sheared weekly


vehicles with
our harnesses