What we do?

We manufacture regular
or short series of products.

Starting from cutting wires of a given length, crimping contacts, creating twisted cables or splices on specialized machines, to building our semi-finished products, which facilitate further production processes, i.e. the final assembly of the finished product.

We carry out electrical tests to make sure that our product is made to the client’s specifications. Each shipment is checked for quality according to ISO 9001:2015. We also deal with small projects, e.g. brake fluid tanks, LEDs, indicators, and slaves (a small harness that connects the batteries).



Quality production,
line modifications



We manufacture both single cables as well as complete systems and charging stations, using modern solutions to facilitate the production processes and the use of the final products.

Cable harnesses



We create harnesses from the smallest elements (less than 20 wires) to the largest (more than 500 wires)





We develop innovative designs according to the Client’s guidelines that improve production processes.





We manufacture charging stations, including for electric vehicles – from single cabinets to fully equipped stations


Line adaptation



Our production line designs are created based on the knowledge of our employees and the client’s guidelines.


Cable processing



We deal with cutting, crimping contacts with wire sealing, twisting and welding of wires.


Machinery stock



Our machinery stock is equipped with specialized machines performing a wide range of cable processing activities.