Machinery stock

Regular series or
specialised short series


Machinery stock


Our machinery stock includes specialized machines allowing us to apply a wide range of cable processing activities. With the tests performed before each process and constant inspections, our products have the highest quality.

Professional manufacturing machines


Eltechnik owns a machinery stock, which includes specialized machines mainly from Schleuniger, but also from WDT, MECAL, Branson, Exmore, or TYCO, which – with their ranges of work – allow us to utilize a wide scope of applications in cable processing. However, our machinery stock gives us much more possibilities.


But machines aren’t everything… Our machine setters, like Swiss watchmakers, set up machines to meet all the requirements of our clients.

We broaden our horizons by
developing skills and
technological capabilities.


We invest in the cutting-edge solutions and specialist manufacturing machines. We know that a wide range of machinery gives the possibility of development, which is why Eltechnik invests in technologically advanced equipment.

Our machinery stock

crimp-center unistrip power-strip wire-twister wiretwister

You can find more about the capabilities of our machines   here.