Over 150 employees
and 1 goal – quality


Our company offers quality
production focused on changes.

Humble beginnings


Eltechnik was incorporated in 2015. President Adam Kula is the founder, mentor, and driving force of the company. In the year of the business launch, Eltechnik had 4 production employees, including the president himself, who – together with his wife – built the first cable harnesses. Thanks to the commitment, diligence, and speed of Eltechnik’s operations, the company has developed very dynamically over the years.


2018 was a breakthrough year; the company gained autonomy by purchasing new specialist cable processing machines. In 2019, the Prototype Department was developed and we obtained international ISO 9001:2015 certification. Currently, the company employs over 150 people, including experienced engineers and fully qualified employees who provide Clients with cable assemblies of the highest quality for each industry.


We meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015
standard issued by DEKRA Polska.


Obtaining the international ISO 9001:2015 standard creates new opportunities to improve production procedures and implement sustainable development initiatives. By implementing a quality management system based on the international standard, we can:
– constantly provide products and services of the highest quality that meet the Client’s requirements following the arrangements and regulations
– increase the chances of the clients’ satisfaction
– take into account the risks and opportunities associated with the application of international standards for the management
– demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the quality management system


We apply a process approach, where individual processes and the links between them are planned to be able to manage them in an appropriate manner, and a risk-based approach, where we identify possible deviations and introduce measures to prevent negative effects and to take advantage of opportunities to develop and introduce innovative manufacturing and organizational solutions.

Our Clients

are our
best recommendation

Constantly evolving

We conduct continuous prototype tests,
which are aimed at improving production
and end product improvement.